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integrated regulator
  • 0,37-4 kW
  • Wide speed range, 50-1500 rpm
  • Adjustable torque control
  • Available in Atex version
  • High starting torque
speed variators
  • 4-22 kW
  • High reliability in heavy applications
  • Ideal for aggressive areas
  • Available in Atex version
  • High starting torque
Variable displacement pumps and hydraulic motors
    Variable displacement pumps:
  • Displacement: 3.85 - 5.54 - 15.24 - 19.91 cm3/rev
  • Wide range of flow controls, manual and remote
  • Available in Atex version

    Hydraulic Motors
  • Displacement: 3.85 - 5.54 - 15.24 - 19.91 cm3/rev
  • Available in Atex version
     Available speed gearboxes: coaxial, shaft mounted, worm gearboxes.

VAR-SPE was founded on March 23rd 1963 by Mr. Giuseppe Speggiorin. It began with a little craftsman's workshop and four employees and became operative in January 1964 with the realisation of the first hydrodynamic variators.

Since 1971 it has been a SocietÓ per Azioni (equivalent to a Limited Company). Now it is one of the leading companies in the construction of speed variators, variable displacement pumps and hydraulic motors. These are made according to its own original patents, granted by the world's most important industrialised nations.

Modern technology, integrating hydrostatic transmission with electronic controls, makes Var-Spe variators a real solution to the problems of automation present in the most diverse industrial sectors.

For 40 years, in thousands of applications, Var-Spe speed variation has been synonymous with reliability, quality and customer service throughout the world.


The company uses its commercial network to export a large part of its production. This network is made up of agents and retailers in Italy, and various distributors located in the world's predominantly industrialised countries.
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