Var-Spe Academy is a training pathway that the company provides to a select team of individuals to make them become reliable partners who are able to meet customer needs, providing quality solutions to the market covered in a timely manner.
The Academy has two offerings: a commercial pathway for sales professionals and a technical one for servicing/repair technicians of Var-Spe units.
The pathway allows acquiring certain specific skills, including:

Knowledge of the various types of applications

  • Ability to identify the needs and most frequent issues of customers
  • In-depth knowledge of the products for proper selection, installation and after-sales service
  • Know-how to work on our systems in case of necessity

varspe-expert At the end of the pathway, participants receive an attendance certificate and are entitled to use the Var-Spe Qualified Expert logo.
The certificate and right to use the logo are valid 3 years after which they need to be renewed.

The course is held at the Var-Spe headquarters.

Var-Spe Academy

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